Sedona Elopement

If you’re dreaming of an intimate, breathtaking elopement, look no further than the magical red landscapes of Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona isn’t just a destination; it’s a love story waiting to happen. Picture this: you, your better half, and the awe-inspiring Red Rock formations as witnesses to your eternal commitment. Sedona’s captivating desert landscapes, with their warm tones and ever-changing hues, set the stage for a truly unforgettable ceremony.

When it comes to choosing the perfect spot for your Sedona elopement, the options are as diverse as the Red Rock formations themselves. Here are some popular places that have witnessed countless love stories:

Bell Rock: Bell Rock is not just a geological wonder; it’s a symbol of love and unity. Its smooth, bell-like shape creates an intimate setting with panoramic views, making it an ideal spot for a serene elopement ceremony.

Cathedral Rock: Cathedral Rock, with its towering red spires, provides a dramatic backdrop for your vows. This iconic location is perfect for couples seeking a combination of adventure and romance, as the trail leading to it adds an extra layer of excitement.

Airport Mesa: For couples dreaming of an elopement with a view, Airport Mesa delivers. Perched high above Sedona, it offers a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the surrounding landscape—a celestial setting for celestial love.

Red Rock Crossing: With the tranquil waters of Oak Creek and the majestic Cathedral Rock in the background, Red Rock Crossing is a picture-perfect location for a romantic elopement. The lush surroundings and serene atmosphere make it a favorite among couples.

Photos from Sedona Bride

Over New Year’s weekend, we serviced a Sedona elopement for Cameron at Black Tie Optional, a wedding planner we work with often. We took the bride and groom and their group, in our largest vehicle, from Scottsdale to Sedona for the ceremony, to dinner in Sedona, and back to Scottsdale. Not only was the ceremony in Sedona magical, but the newlyweds were able to spend time with their favorite people enjoying the excitement on the way to Sedona, and celebrating their love on the way home.

If you’re considering Sedona as your wedding destination, contact us today to begin planning!

While Sedona steals the show, Arizona has more to offer.

Lost Dutchman

Lost Dutchman State Park, with the Superstition Mountains as its backdrop, offers an alternative, equally enchanting elopement experience. Imagine exchanging vows amidst towering saguaro cacti, with the golden hues of the desert sunset casting a warm glow on your love. Lost Dutchman’s landscapes create an intimate and awe-inspiring backdrop, making every moment of your elopement an adventure etched in time.

We had the pleasure of providing transportation to Lost Dutchman for an elopement one spring afternoon. In our largest Tiffany party bus, we took the happy couple and their closest family and friends from a Tempe hotel, to the state park for the ceremony, and ended at Culinary Dropout for the after party. The details were beautifully captured by a local wedding photographer who shared this lovely video of the evening.

Be sure to check with Lost Dutchman for any permits or documents you may need to provide! Bigelow Limousine is authorized and has the insurance required for wedding transportation at Lost Dutchman.

Dolly Steamboat

For those who seek a different kind of romance, consider Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake. Imagine saying “I do” against the backdrop of a serene lake, the sun setting on the horizon—romance at its finest. Dolly Steamboat offers a unique and intimate setting for couples seeking a lakefront elopement experience. Glide along the water, surrounded by awe-inspiring cliffs and the peaceful ambiance of the lake, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your vows. The gentle sway of the boat and the picturesque surroundings make Dolly Steamboat an idyllic choice for those desiring a romantic and memorable elopement, where every ripple on the water echoes the beginning of your shared journey.

Dolly’s does host private events. We’ve charters our large Tiffany Party Bus to take a group out to the lake for an intimate wedding afternoon.

Keep an eye out! You may even see some wildlife among the cliffs that surround the beautiful Canyon Lake.

Transportation Options

Now, let’s talk about the unsung hero of any elopement—transportation. Bigelow Limousine isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about ensuring your journey is as memorable as the destination.

Tailored for Romance

Our fleet is designed with your love story in mind. From luxury limousines for an intimate ride to spacious Mercedes Sprinter vans for a small group, we’ve got your Sedona elopement covered. Our most popular options are our 24-passenger Martini party bus and our 40-passenger Tiffany party bus.

24-passenger Martini Party Bus

40-passenger Tiffany Party Bus

  • Leather limousine style seating
  • Party lights
  • Storage Compartment
  • Built in Bar Ice Chests
  • Bluetooth audio system
  • Most comfortable around 18-20 adults
  • Leather Limousine Style Seating
  • Premium Stereo System with Bluetooth Audio
  • Built in Bar
  • Dance Pole
  • LED Party lights
  • Luggage Compartment
  • Privacy Window Shades

Picture sipping champagne while a professional chauffeur takes you through the scenic routes to your dream elopement spot! We stock all of our vehicles with water / ice and you are welcome to bring additional drinks on board. (Must be 21+ to bring alcohol on board)

Navigating Your Sedona Elopement

Planning a Sedona elopement involves more than just picking a date. Here are some things to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.

Weather Whims in Sedona

Sedona’s weather can be unpredictable. Bring layers and consider the time of day for your ceremony. Early mornings and sunset ceremonies are popular for a reason—the temperatures are just right, and the lighting is pure magic.
The best times for elopement in Sedona often fall during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) seasons. The landscapes come alive with vibrant colors as wildflowers bloom in spring, and the fall foliage adds a rich tapestry of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Permits and Permissions

Research and obtain any necessary permits for your chosen Sedona elopement spot. It ensures a hassle-free ceremony and keeps those happy tears flowing for the right reasons.

A Ride to Remember

Transportation isn’t just about getting to your destination; it’s an integral part of your Sedona elopement story. Choose a ride that complements the romance of your day, ensuring you arrive in style and comfort.

Sedona Awaits

As you plan your Sedona elopement, remember that every detail adds to the magic. Sedona, with its Red Rock embrace, is ready to witness your love story unfold. And when it comes to getting there, we will ensure your journey is as special as the destination. If your special day falls on a weekend, Fridays and Saturdays sell out very quickly! Overall, we recommend you reserve your trip as soon as possible. A 25% deposit blocks your vehicle of choice off the schedule. The remaining balance is charged to the card on file 10 days prior to your trip. So, here’s to love, laughter, and a Sedona elopement that dreams are made of.

Want to turn your Sedona elopement into a Sedona filled weekend? We specialize in Vortex Tours and Wine Tours and more!

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