Grand Canyon Private Tour

Planning a group excursion to the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Arizona? Say goodbye to traffic woes and the hassle of designating a driver. With our Grand Canyon private tours, everyone can revel in the scenic vistas together! We provide the ultimate convenience and safety for your group as you venture through the remarkable wonders of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Northern Arizona.

Why Choose Grand Canyon Private Tours?

  • Customized Itineraries: One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to exploring the Grand Canyon. With us, you call the shots. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker eager for a hiking expedition or a laid-back explorer craving scenic overlooks and photo ops, we’ll tailor your itinerary to your preferences.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Ever been stuck on a tour bus, feeling rushed from one stop to the next? Not with us! As locals, we understand that spontaneity often leads to the best adventures. Our private tours offer the flexibility to linger at your favorite spots, soak in the views, and savor every moment.
  • Expert Guides and Local Knowledge: Picture this: you’re standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon, mesmerized by its vastness. Now imagine having a knowledgeable guide by your side, sharing fascinating facts, local lore, and hidden gems that only insiders know about. That’s the kind of immersive experience we offer.
  • Comfortable Transportation Options: Forget cramped buses and uncomfortable seating. Our fleet of vehicles is designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you prefer a spacious Sprinter van or an Executive Coach with panoramic windows, we’ve got you covered.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Your safety is our top priority. From regular vehicle maintenance to driver training, we take safety seriously. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with our experienced team. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon. We have ADA accessible coaches. If you have any accessibility needs or concerns, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

Planning Your Private Group Tour

So, you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Here’s how to make it happen:

Group Size and Composition: Whether you’re traveling with family, a with a group of friends, or on a company retreat, our Grand Canyon private tours can accommodate any group size. Just gather your crew and let us know how many seats you need.

Itinerary Options and Highlights: The Grand Canyon boasts endless wonders to explore. Not sure where to start? Our team will work with you to craft an itinerary that hits all the highlights.

Popular Grand Canyon / Northern Arizona stops:

Booking Process and Reservation Details: Ready to book? It’s as easy as reaching out to our friendly team. We’ll walk you through the reservation process, answer any questions you have, and ensure everything is set for your adventure.

Special Requests and Customization: Have a specific request or special occasion? Let us know! Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a romantic getaway, or a unique sightseeing opportunity, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Exploring the Grand Canyon

Now, let’s talk about the main event: exploring the Grand Canyon itself.

Overview of Grand Canyon National Park: Spanning over 1.2 million acres of rugged terrain, the Grand Canyon is a natural wonder like no other. From its towering cliffs to the winding Colorado River below, every inch of this majestic landscape tells a story millions of years in the making.

Must-See Points of Interest: With so much to see and do, it’s hard to know where to begin. Some of our favorite spots include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, and the historic Grand Canyon Village. Be sure to bring your camera – you’ll want to capture every breathtaking moment.

Activities and Attractions: Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a nature lover, there’s something for everyone at the Grand Canyon. Hike along the rim trails, embark on a scenic helicopter tour, or simply sit back and soak in the views. The choice is yours!

Insider Tips for an Unforgettable Experience: Want to beat the crowds? Arrive early in the morning or stay late into the evening for a more peaceful experience. And don’t forget to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks – you’ll thank us later!

Transportation and Logistics

Getting to the Grand Canyon is half the fun – especially when you travel with us.

Departure and Return Details: Our tours depart from Phoenix and surrounding areas, making it easy to start your adventure right from your doorstep. We’ll pick you up at a time that works for you and drop you off at the end of the day, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Travel Time and Route Information: The drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon typically takes around four to five hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. Along the way, you’ll enjoy scenic views of the Arizona desert. Groups doing multi day trips will often include stops at Montezuma’s Castle, Sedona or Flagstaff.

Day trip or Overnight stay: We offer both options – if planning a day trip – expect to leave early in the morning and return late in the evening. For safety reasons, the driver can only drive so many hours in the day so plan some downtime in your itinerary for the driver. For overnight stays, driver accommodations are typically your responsibility – either at the same hotel for convenience or a nearby more cost effective hotel – either option is fine.

Accommodation and Dining Recommendations: Looking to extend your adventure? We can help you find the perfect place to stay and dine near the Grand Canyon. Groups often stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge, in Page, or in Flagstaff depending on the itinerary. If looking for a spot of luxury check out Under Canvas.

Additional Fees: Be prepared to cover any park entrance fees – these will vary depending on the size of vehicle and will be paid to the park service upon entering the park. Review fees here. Side note: Bigelow Limousine does have the Commercial Use Authorization required to enter the Grand Canyon National Park.

Vehicle Options and Amenities

Say goodbye to cramped buses and hello to comfort and style.

  • Our smallest option for a Grand Canyon private tour is a Mercedes Executive Sprinter. This state of the art Mercedes Benz Platinum Elite Executive Coach has comfortable seating for up to 13 passengers, easy in and out access, large screen TVs, corporate or limo style lighting, ample storage space, and a table for card games, business, or socializing.
  • One of our most popular options for a tour is the 20-passenger Mini Coach. This executive style bus has leather seating with individual headrests to keep guests comfortable, storage space, climate control, and is equipped with a PA system making it a great choice for tours.
  • We have plenty more options available – talk to our customer service team today to discuss which vehicle best suits your group!

Private Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona

Are you visiting the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona and want to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon? Not all of our tours have to start in the Phoenix-metro area! We can provide service from Sedona to the Grand Canyon and more! From hotel pickup to drop-off, we handle all the logistics, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey for you and your group. Simply sit back, relax, and soak in the unparalleled beauty of the Grand Canyon from the comfort of your private vehicle.

Our private tours allow flexible itineraries. You can start your day with a local Vortex Tour through Sedona to get your group feeling relaxed and energized. Then enjoy the drive to the Grand Canyon as your private chauffeur navigates through Northern Arizona’s beauty. Take time to soak in the astounding views of the canyon, whether it be from a look out point or on a hike. Then end your day heading back to Sedona, discussing the days events along the way.

Also, while you’re in Sedona, don’t forget to check out their renowned local wineries! We provide Sedona Wine Tours to make the experience a breeze!

How and When to Book Your Private Grand Canyon Tour

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend getaway or a visitor seeking the ultimate Grand Canyon adventure, we’re here to make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to book your group trip with our Grand Canyon Private Tours. We can’t wait to show you the wonders of the Grand Canyon like never before!

If your plans fall on a weekend, Fridays and Saturdays sell out very quickly! It’s recommended you reserve your charter bus as soon as possible! A 25% non-refundable deposit blocks your vehicle of choice off the schedule. The remaining balance is charged to the card on file 10 days prior to your trip. Reach out to check availability for your special date now!

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